You’ll Sure Book For A Roll Bar Installation ASAP After Seeing This!

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Do you know why roll bar is a must not only for fast races but also off-road ...

Do you know why roll bar is a must not only for fast races but also off-road adventures too? Watch this heartbreaking tragedy featuring a crazy rollover down a hill made all worse with the absence of roll bars.

Showing off wasn’t a good idea particularly for this nice vehicle as it rolls down straight from the top of the hill to the bottom. It actually almost completed the hill climb but it fell short, and the vehicle lost traction just when everyone thought they’ll witness a successful hill climb. The worst followed as the vehicle wasn’t able to back down safely and instead made its way down in an utterly disastrous fashion.

Good thing the driver made a good call of getting the kid out of the vehicle before proceeding with the hill climb. But it was sure a real pain for the child to witness the accident as it unfolds. In fact, his screams and cries at the end will likely melt you.

Check the tragic hill climb attempt for yourself through the video below. And for all the rednecks and rednecks at heart, this is exactly why you need to pick up your phone now and book for a roll bar installation.

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