Wow These Bizarre Amphibious Vehicles Really Exist And Guess What Where To Find Them? RUSSIA!

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Russia is seemingly the home of some bizarre looking vehicles. Some look ...

Russia is seemingly the home of some bizarre looking vehicles. Some look ridiculous while others are surprisingly brilliant. Amphibious vehicles are often being used in military and rescue operation and they are intentionally built to conquer rough and challenging terrain condition and of course, the capability to hit the waters.

This video will take us back in time during the days when these gigantic and monstrous Amphibian vehicles are still at their hype in Russia. We are not sure whether these vehicles are still existing and functional or maybe they were all preserved in different museum for display purposes.

The video shows different amphibious vehicles including the one made by ZIL, the ZIL-485 BAV and the insane-looking Amphirols, a gigantic screw-propelled vehicle. We’re wondering if Russia is still producing giant amphibian vehicles to day!

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