Why You Wouldn’t Want To Fly On The Soviet Concorde – The TU-144 Story

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Over the years hundreds and the hundreds of odd looking planes have been ...

Over the years hundreds and the hundreds of odd looking planes have been manufactured, the Soviet Concorde is one of them and in the video below we take the look at what makes this plane such the unpleasant ride, a one you would definitely avoid.

To begin with, this is actually not even the Concorde. It’s actually called the Tupolev TU-144, and its resemblance to the Concorde is so similar that we’re going to refer to it as the Soviet Concorde. But flying on it was way different than a Concorde.

It was loud and uncomfortable, even dangerous. But the story behind this plane is what makes it so unique.

In order to build a first ever supersonic passenger jet back in the 1960s, the Soviets stole most of the ideas and the manuscripts from the Concorde and based their 144 on them.

Though the Tupolev made its first flight two months before a Concorde, it was not the plane to be proud of. There was not any comfort inside a plane; the passengers struggled to get serviced by a flight attendants.

There was also the very load roar that could have been heard from a back. The passengers could not even talk to one another due to a noise! But lucky enough, the Soviet Concorde flew only across one route, and which is the one from Moscow to Almaty in Kazakhstan.

This was due to a massive fuel consumption by the engines and it was not possible to fly for longer. This was not the Concorde you would want to fly with!

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