The World’s UGLIEST Car Takes On Some Serious Off-Road Challenges!

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While it’s not easy to select the best looking automobile ever created, the ...

While it’s not easy to select the best looking automobile ever created, the situation appears to be much clearer when it comes to the opposite side of the spectrum. It’s undoubtedly that designers missed here and there over the years, but the car that received the most grief is the monstrosity from this video.

If you had any doubts, know that we are talking about the hideous Pontiac Aztec. This horrendous SUV is difficult to look at, and even the fact that a badass such as Walter White from the hit TV show Breaking Bad drove it couldn’t clear its name.

Still, besides the design, this is actually a rather decent vehicle, and the boys from Youtube channel The Fast Lane Truck decided to find out just how off-road capable it truly is. Although we weren’t expecting miracles, we were quite surprised with the outcome.

If you’re interested in finding out just how the Aztec performed on the famous Gold Mine Hill, click on the video below and enjoy the show. Could you ever picture yourself behind the wheel of this thing?


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