Woman Punched In Road Rage Incident, Turns Out She Did Something Worse

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Bianca Lee Sams, 21 is charged by Sydney police with five crimes after she threw ...

Bianca Lee Sams, 21 is charged by Sydney police with five crimes after she threw nails and a chisel at a car in a fit of road rage. The charges include malicious damage, being armed with intent and intentionally throwing an object at a vehicle. She’s also charged for not wearing a seat belt and holding a part of her body outside the window.

The news came after a 41-year-old man came into police after the dashcam footage of the incident’s crescendo went viral, showing him punching Ms Sims in the mouth. The man can be seen approaching Sims’ truck as she gets out, crosses her arms across her chest and spreading her legs apart to assume a defiant stance. That’s when the man throws a punch at her and turns around to return to his truck. She gets into her car and reverses towards him, but then the video skips several seconds, only to show that the guy obviously escaped getting run over by moving to the side of the road.

Sams took to Facebook to write several status updates:’I was throwing nails at his car… Then threw a chisel at his car and smashed his car window… I smashed his window he should of hit me harder (smiley emoji)’.

‘I don’t back down to no one. I never have, never will… I’ve been through worse, so it is what it is,’ she told reporters.

Later she started making claims that she threw objects at the man’s car because he tried to run her vehicle off the road with a five-month-old baby inside.

‘I don’t give a fuck he hit me, don’t put a babies (sic) life at risk… He tried running us off the road with a 5 month old baby in the car we tried getting away from… he kept going so I got out and asked what his problem was… I just grabbed a set of nails from a nail gun, I started breaking them up and throwing them at his car, hoping he’d leave us alone. But he didn’t, he just kept coming,’ she said.

The driver of the car Sams was in, her good friend, also shared her side of the story.

‘I tried letting him around me but no he wanted to tail gate me being an asshole, so my friend decided to throw things at him to get him off my tail,’ she wrote.

I don’t know about you, but it seems the logic was sorely lacking in both parties during the entire incident. The police seem to agree, as they laid down their charges against both sides. One thing is certainly true: you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. Bianca Lee won five prizes in this competition, whoopty-doo, I guess she won!

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