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While the 911 GT2 RS still takes all the headlines ...

While the 911 GT2 RS still takes all the headlines thanks to its incredible Nurburgring record time, the 918 Spyder still seems as the most advanced (if not the most amazing) Porsche out there. And Doug Demuro, who, as we all know, adores Porsche, is here to show us why a car like this costs incredible $1.7 million.

So, what the hell can you get for $1.7 million in a car!? That is insane money, but this is an insane car as well.

With a combined total of 887hp, the car can do 211 mph and 0-62 mph in 2.4 seconds. It has normal ICE, it has electric motors and it has a number of incredible quirks and features no other car has.

Finally, Doug did walk us through the interior showing us all the impressive and interesting things in the 918 Spyder. The car certainly is a special one, so you may be in for a treat watching all the impressive stuff inside.

So, is it worth that much money?

It is not even important. The car is a celebration of modern technology and possibly the most astonishing thing on four wheels to come from Germany.

Although it did cost something like $900,000 when new, the image it has and the used car market made it even more valuable.

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