Watch Tesla Autopilot 2.0 Drive Like A Drunk Old Man

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For well over the year, the Tesla Autopilot system has been a controversial ...

For well over the year, the Tesla Autopilot system has been a controversial standard-bearer of the autonomous driving technology.

Using the combination of RADAR and software that is all and bulletproof, its capabilities have won over skeptics and fanboys alike and kept Level 1 to 3 heavyweights like the Mercedes and the BMW on their toes.

Which is why YouTube videos like this one, in which a Scott S. takes his Model S with HW2/AP2 and updated with a software build 17.5.36 out for the drive at night, in dry weather on the windy road.

According to his description, he has autosteer and the traffic-aware cruise control engaged on his local loop road. And yet the vehicle seems to be struggling to maintain the lane, despite the clearly marked double yellow and consistent curbing on a right side of the road.

The Autopilot is so inept at maintaining a road you would think the vehicle was suffering from the serious failure. But the driver, Scott S., claims it’s not the hardware issue. I would say it is the software because I have two AP2.0 Teslas, he says in the comments section.

Tesla still leads the field in Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems, and the cloud-based AI that Tesla is developing will eventually mitigate the dangers demonstrated so clearly in the video below. Until then, Tesla folks: hands on the wheel please.

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