Watch This New Camaro ZL1 Setting A Record At The Drag Strip

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This is the fastest Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. At least ...

This is the fastest Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. At least it seems like it is as the car actually set ¼ of a mile record in trap speed attack.

Sure, it is not fully stock, as the owner actually integrated new heads, cams, supercharger pulleys and exhaust headers, along with the ECU remap. All this dramatically increased the power to 865hp. Sure, with so much power, even the rear tires had to be replaced. In the place of stock units, this Camaro ZL1 received a 17-inch tire package. After all, putting so much power to the rear wheels requires some serious meat at the back.

Now, the Camaro LT4 engine surely is a piece of art which screams like crazy with this Camaro ZL1.

Now, cloaking 1,320 feet record is not an easy task. This car had to really grip like crazy in order to reach the speed. And it did. 865hp launched the machine to ¼ of a mile mark in 9.43 seconds and the contraption reached the speed of fantastic 148 mph.

Really cool.

Obviously, the work on the engine increased the power by quite a margin. 215hp more. Quite a power bump.

It turns out that the latest Camaro is a capable sports machine. So capable in fact that it can easily match some of the 911 at the track.

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