Watch The Kia Stinger Lay Waste To Its Rear Tires

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Kia is very confident that a Stinger will prove to be the rival to the very best ...

Kia is very confident that a Stinger will prove to be the rival to the very best from Europe, put this South Korean company on the map as the legitimate manufacturer of high-end, luxury automobiles.

What better way to show this than displaying just how capable the Kia Stinger is at doing remarkable drifts and donuts?

That is exactly what Kia did at the recent event for a rear-wheel drive sports saloon, taking the perfectly good car and destroying its rear tires with the prolonged torture, much to the pleasure and thrill of onlookers.

Now, doing donuts is far from the legitimate way to determine how good the car is, and Kia still has to prove to this world that its offering is capable of providing the driving thrills to match or exceed its more expensive rivals, something that is the very tall order indeed.

For now, we know that this range-topping model will have the twin-turbo 3.3-liter V6 delivering 265 horseower and 376 lb-ft (494 Nm) of torque, allowing this sports sedan to hit 100 km/h in the very-respectable 4.9 seconds.


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