Watch This Guy Trying To Make Lambo Huracan Hit 60 mph In Less Than 2 Seconds

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Vehicle Virgins guy Parker changed the tires on his ...

Vehicle Virgins guy Parker changed the tires on his machine – the 800+hp Lambo Huracan trying to make it as quick as possible. As you can see by the title of the video, he wanted to make the car as fast to 60 mph as possible. Even trying to make the pass in 1.9 seconds. Sure, some may say that that is simply not possible with the tire technology of today, but the fact is that without the real-world test, we simply cannot know it for sure. In this regard, the Lambo fitted with awesome Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires did make a few astonishing 0-60 mph passes. No, Parker did not achieve sub 2 seconds 0-60 mph time, but he was really consistent with his fast runs. He did 0-60 mph runs at least ten times and with each and every run he cloaked the time of 2.4 seconds. With only one pass at 2.3 seconds.

Sure, this is blisteringly fast and incredibly quick. To give you a real sense, just bear in mind that hypercars of today cannot do it as fast as Parker’s Lambo. He may find his match with the latest Bugatti Chiron which will most certainly be able to do it in close to 2 seconds.

Previously, we did learn that making 0-60 mph pass may not go under two seconds time and that only thanks to limitations of the tire technology. For such ferocious acceleration, one would need, at least, race spec or drag spec tires. But then, the car cannot hit the streets.

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