Watch As Civic Burnout Irates Oldtimer In A Hot Rod!

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When you stop on the middle of the road to burn some rubber, there’s a good ...

When you stop on the middle of the road to burn some rubber, there’s a good chance that the drivers behind you won’t be impressed with your antics. But just like most car nuts who find themselves being cheered by bystanders to lay down some fresh rubber, the driver of a Honda Civic gave in to the urge to smoke out a serene residential street.

The four banger eventually drops the hammer, locks down the rear wheels as the fronts spin and generate a huge cloud of smoke. During the show, a hot rod came down the street, sees the tomfoolery and the old man behind the wheels doesn’t want to be a part of it, so he decided to veer to the other lane to overtake the smoking Civic. There’s just one issue with that move, as you’ll see in the video below.

Just as the hot rod shifts lane to go around the Civic, the driver of the Honda lets off the brakes and continues the burnout down the road. Whether it’s just coincidental or if he saw the classic car going for the pass and opted to let off the brakes to prevent the old hotrodder from passing isn’t clear, but that’s how things played out. The Civic was able to hold off the vintage ride, causing the latter to return to the right lane as the cars proceeded down the road.

Although we have to presume that the driver of the hot rod simply wanted to go on about his day, it’s quite clear when the Honda let off the brakes that he intended to overtake him to drive home a point. When he failed to do so, it likely felt a lot more like losing a close race than he had anticipated.

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