Watch BMW 135i Driver Learn A Painful Lesson

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Schwedenkreuz is perhaps a most threatening corner of the Nurburgring, well, it ...

Schwedenkreuz is perhaps a most threatening corner of the Nurburgring, well, it all has to do with the mix between a surprise appearance it likes to make and the fact that it follows the generous straight.

Any novice that doesn’t mind his or her entry speed will be caught off the guard by the bend and the freshest example of this comes from this driver who trashed his BMW 135i in the battle against the said bend.

We can see this guy losing the rear end of his Bimmer on the corner entry, and probably due to lift-off oversteer. Nevertheless, it looks like this driver could have brought the rear-wheel-drive machine back in the line if he hadn’t overcorrected.

Alas, once the said mistake was made, a compact coupe, which is knows for its rather snappy on-the-limit behavior, entered the struggle for regaining control, one that ended up with the vehicle flying into the guardrail sideways.

The impact was serious enough to throw the vehicle into the air and it seems like the blown radiator smoke show came next.

Come to think of it, the ailing 135i trying to come to the halt almost looks like the stunt plane leaving the trail of smoke behind as the memory of its extreme trajectory.

And things didn’t stop there. As is the case with the many Schwedenkreuz crashes, this driver in the video below didn’t manage to bring this car to halt in time to prevent a second impact.

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