Watch Awesome Mid West 8.5 Series Class Taking It Out On The Drag Strip

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“Full coverage of the Mid-West 8.5 Series Class ...

“Full coverage of the Mid-West 8.5 Series Class from the 2017 Street Machine Shootout at Ozark Raceway Park.” This is how “URBAN HILLBILLY VIDEOS” describes the latest Shootout at Ozark. It is an awesome celebration of fast dragsters, incredible muscle cars and really powerful road ready drag machines.

In this case, they are heading down the drag strip on 8.5-inch drag slicks making the most of it. Sure, some may find it sad to see such beauties racing only a ⅛ of a mile track. But be aware, this track can offer some really saucy showdowns between some really awesome cars.

A whole day of racing saw a number of Ford Mustang machines tearing down the track in an awesome blaze of smoke, sound, and smell of petrol. It seems that Mustang cars, especially a Foxbody one, dominated the whole event. There were so many of them.

Just how closely some of these machines were matched is best shown by some races which finished incredibly close. Like the one that saw a Mustang lose to a Camaro only by 0.02 seconds.

So, if you do not have anything against ⅛ of a mile racing, press play and enjoy some of the most thrilling showdowns of the Mid-West 8.5 Series Class from the 2017 Street Machine Shootout at the Ozark Raceway Park.

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