Watch Astonishing New American Electric SUV Bollinger SUV Hitting The Test Track

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You are watching here an astonishing piece of ...

You are watching here an astonishing piece of modern tech. It is called the Bollinger and it is a freaking electric SUV. Sure, the Tesla Model X actually was the first production EV SUV to hit the streets, but in this case, we have a chance to see a proper off-road looking machine. It looks somewhat basic, maybe even too reminiscent of off-road machines such as the Defender and the G-class, but the fact is that this one is a unique piece of engineering.

The truck features awesome architecture and design. It is freaking simple and in a nice contrast with the complex, over-engineered stuff some other companies tend to reveal today. Yes, EV design does not really require all the intricate design associated with ICE powered machines. Yet, even in this regard, the Bollinger B1 does not exactly copy what Tesla made.

The simple design did release a whole lot of space inside giving the prospect buyers tons of usability.

However, we are not quite sure what is it all about testing the car on the track. These may be only some preliminary tests. First specs aren’t still out, but, unofficially we do see here a 360hp electric SUV with enough batteries for 200 miles of range.

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