Watch A 707-HP Dodge Charger Hellcat Get Roasted By A Ford GT40

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Though the Ford GT40 replica isn’t exactly a Dodge Charger SRT ...

Though the Ford GT40 replica isn’t exactly a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat’s grandfather, a stately elder, and a rorty modern muscle machine recently met. If only the two vehicles could actually talk to one another.

The meet-n-greet was captured by the folks at 1320video on YouTube. And this latest video is supremely entertaining because it does show what the proper GT40 replica is capable of achieving.

This vehicle comes from our friends at Superformance and it is packing 427 cubic inches of heat behind the driver. In the world of the Cobra, Daytona Coupe, and GT40 replica vehicles, the stuff from Superformance is pretty much the best you will find. The attention to detail is top notch and these vehicles go out and are capable of being pushed hard.

This owner of the particular car has taken him to an event on the airstrip in the Midwest. There he faces off against the Charger Hellcat and the few other vehicles. He gets the early lead on most of them because he has very little weight to propel with his 450-hp engine.

He beats the Hellcat, and you can see that the Dodge is building up some steam towards the end of the run. The Ford GT40 beats the Charger’s speed by less than 1 mph.

So, yes, the GT40 beats the Hellcat and it does kick its butt the bit right off the line. Destroying it, as the video below is titled, might be a bit of the strong term.

Regardless, we are just happy and this owner is out there driving it hard, showing the new kids on a block that the old dogs have plenty of tricks up their wheel wells.



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That is sooo crazy. More crazyness in the next video below!