Watch 12 Year Old Drift V8 Swapped Bimmer Like A Formula Drift Champ

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

This 12-year-old driver is a much better driver ...

This 12-year-old driver is a much better driver than you are. Watch this kid drift like he is fighting for his life. He is Nikolass Bertans and he was born in 2005. Let that sink in.

Now, when you are actually aware that we are writing here about a boy born the same year we have been introduced to the Hurricane Katrina press play and watch. Actually, do not watch, but bask in the glory of him drifting a freaking BMW V8 machine. Thanks to coaching from a Formula Drift legend Kristaps Blušs, Bertans has become a full-on competitive drift car driver at just 12 years of age.

He has been drifting and learning how to drift for quite some time now and this time he has a chance to enjoy a fully prepped E36 Bimmer with a swapped V8. This was his birthday present. Imagine that.

It seems that Bertans clearly knows his way around the car as he successfully throws it into the corners and keeps control of it despite not actually being able to look over the bonnet like a grown up.

He tackled the race track in Latvia, nailing apexes and snapping through transitions.

We cannot even imagine how successful he will be drifting in ten years time. Keep it up champ.

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