Wagler Diesel’s Monster Shop Truck Blasts Off, Belches Out Massive Flames!

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You can only find a handful of trucks that can dominate the dirt of the pull track ...

You can only find a handful of trucks that can dominate the dirt of the pull track and also kick ass on the drag strip, but Wagler Diesel Performance has designed and built a monster shop truck that ticks both of those boxes and puts on one heck of a show for the fans.

Mated to a Duramax based engine, this dirt shredder is supercharged, twin-turbocharged and nitrous injected. Needless to say, the thing has lots of power, about 3500 horsepower. It also boasts a massive blower on top and the set up works with the twin turbos and the nitrous kit to crank out virtually uncontrollable horsepower levels and a stunning flame show when the driver slams the throttle wide open!

Watch the video below as this beast of a truck belches out huge flames that brings to mind a top fueler lighting up the sky. The massive flames are a byproduct of having roughly 140 lbs of boost packed into the engine and using nitrous to deliver more oomph.

This monster shop truck can be converted back to Drag Race Destroy Mode. This means this beast can be ripping up the pavement during the day and hurling dirt and tugging the sled down the pulling course in the evening. We have to admit that this monster is quite a spectacle to behold with smoke, flames, and the wheels pointing to the sky!

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