Video Of The Day: Mechanical Problems Compilation

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If you thought that you’ve seen just about anything when it comes to the ...

If you thought that you’ve seen just about anything when it comes to the mechanical problems with vehicles, you are wrong, very wrong!

What you’re about to see in the video below is the compilation of such mechanical problems and they’re unlike anything you have seen so far.

Some of them are strange, and some are funny yet there are some which are freaky and break the laws of the physics. After watching this video, you would most certainly think twice before taking your vehicle to the cheapest mechanic you can find.

Engines are not built for blowing up, right? The car engine had something else in mind. Just as the vehicle was started, the loud bang was heard and clouds of fire were seen shooting out from the engine. Not a best start to our compilation, eh?

But check this out, it gets even better. And once you put on the heater in your vehicle, it should not create any sound than the humming sound of air, correct?

This guy’s heater has had some the mechanical problems, once is turned on it creates the train-like sound. There is a video of the speed-o-meter going completely crazy too! Furthermore, there are some engines which beat like the heart.

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