Vanderhall Venice Rolls In On 3 Wheels To Jay Leno’s Garage

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Jay Leno regularly has all manner of the vehicles by his famous garage – some with ...

Jay Leno regularly has all manner of the vehicles by his famous garage – some with two wheels, and some with four… but this one falls somewhere in between.

It is the Vanderhall Venice, and it is America’s latest three-wheeled roadster. It’s built by the startup in Provo, Utah, and comes in cheaper than you (or Jay Leno) might expect.

At around $30k, it’s a heck of the lot less expensive than, say, the Campagna V13R (starting at $54k) or the Morgan 3-Wheeler (from $40k) to put it in a same league as the Polaris Slingshot (from $25k).

Only the Vanderhall has the nice classic look to it that, looks classier than a Slingshot and cleaner than Campagna or Morgan.

With the turbo four and automatic transmission sourced from GM driving the front wheels, and it also promises solid reliability and fuel economy.

But that is not why you buy the vehicle like this. You buy it for fun, our favorite car-loving talkshow host seems to enjoy it in the latest segment of Jay Leno’s Garage.

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