Using Smoke Grenades To Understand Acura NSX Aerodynamics

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So far, Acura NSX has failed to live up to its predecessor’s reputation, and ...

So far, Acura NSX has failed to live up to its predecessor’s reputation, and not because it’s the bad car – make that supercar, actually.

You can blame it on a market and how blasé we have become toward anything that doesn’t produce the sonic boom. Because the Acura (or Honda, if you prefer) NSX is the great little car.

It doesn’t have the grunt power of the multi-turbo V8 supercar or the sheer track ability of the Porsche 911 Turbo, and it has that surgical instrument precision typical of the Japanese sports cars.

With 573 horsepower obtained from no fewer than four propulsion units – one is a twin-turbo V6 mentioned earlier, the other are electric motors, two of which power a front wheels – the Acura NSX isn’t short on the power. Especially if you consider it only weighs 2,712 lb.

But high power and the low weight can be the killer combination at the high speeds if the aerodynamics aren’t done right. The video below is here to show you just how much work was put into a body of the 2017 Acura NSX.

YouTube channel Engineering Explained does the great job once again of presenting complicated matters in the way that everyone can understand. The fact that they manage to make it enjoyable as well is just the bonus.

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