Underground Racing Lambo Huracan 1st 250 MPH Standing 1/2 Mile World Record

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The horsepower wars over the past ten years have spoiled all of us. With tuners ...

The horsepower wars over the past ten years have spoiled all of us. With tuners able to muster four-digit power figures from production engines and stock-looking cars, it takes something really mind-boggling to break through the clutter and leave our jaws dropped. However, a world-record, 250 mph half-mile pass in a twin-turbo Huracan at an airstrip in North Carolina did the trick.

Tuned to the extreme by the Underground Racing crew, the 5.2-liter V-10 of the X Version Twin Turbo Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 (aka Drag965) generates close to 3,000 horsepower. Underground Racing is renowned for its capability to more than quintuple the factory power figures of the Huracan with its twin-turbo kits and engine upgrades. The result is what it claims as the world’s fastest street-legal Lamborghini. It looks like the same supercar they featured at TX2K17 last month, where it easily won the quarter-mile competition.

The record run was executed by Gidi Chamdi, who previously set the 1/2 mile record at 240 mph in a UGR-tuned Gallardo last summer. His record was broken by a Huracan (247 mph) in September and then by a Nissan GT-R (248 mph) two months ago. This made Gidi so eager to recapture the record at WannaGoFast’s shootout in New London, North Carolina. And he did just that by reaching 250.27 mph. More importantly, the Huracan became the first car to hit 250 mph in the standing half mile

Just to put such speed in perspective, the Huracan was essentially covering more than the length of a football field every second! Check out the video below to witness the epic run.

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