Biggest Rivals In 1/4 Mile Drag Race! ZL1 Camaro Vs Hellcat Challenger

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Should the driver of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat be worried when the Camaro ZL1 ...

Should the driver of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat be worried when the Camaro ZL1 lines up next to him at a drag strip?

The answer obviously depends on a golden bow tie machine’s generation and state of tune. So, in theory, the factory stock fifth-gen ZL1 shouldn’t get anywhere near a supercharged Mopar machine.

However, we have come across the drag strip example demonstrating that things can be extremely different in the real life.

To the best of our knowledge, the Camaro ZL1 in this video doesn’t pack any engine compartment mods and yet the Chevy managed to give the Challenger Hellcat the hard time throughout the 1/4 mile run the two engaged in.

While the certain aficionados are only here for the show, many focus on the numbers displayed at the end of this run.

As such, we will mention that the Dodge Challenger Hellcat pulled the 11.53s run at 121.57 mph, and while this Chevy needed 11.96 seconds for the run, completing this stunt at 118 mph.

So, what is a reason behind this overly tight battle? Well, if we judge by the figures, and it turns out that while the Camaro went just slightly below its official ET number, the Challenger Hellcat was pretty far from its factory drag strip ET.

Of course, this helped the sprinting brawl we are discussing deliver the spectacle from start to finish, so you won’t hear us complaining about the shenanigan.

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