A Turbo CHEVY Motor in a 1967 Mustang!?! Wow!

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We have seen a lot of Fox Body Mustangs with GM engines shoved between the frame ...

We have seen a lot of Fox Body Mustangs with GM engines shoved between the frame rails. However, there are other cool versions of Stangs that can be crafted into formidable street and drag cars even with little assistance from The General. This time we take a look at a 1967 Mustang with one of the most easily recognizable silhouettes of any muscle car.

With a stock LQ9 from an ’03 Escalade dropped between the fenders, there’s certainly plenty of performance potential under the hood. But intercooling it and trussing an S475 turbo changes the ballgame dramatically. Sans any modifications, General Motors LS series of engines, which includes the LQ9, can generate upwards of 700 ponies under boost. However, if you decide to use a boost-friendly cam, upgrade the valve springs, and have the power plant tuned, the power output easily rises to four figure horsepower levels.

We have no idea if the engine in this 1967 Mustang is stock or has been tweaked, but when it registered an elapsed time of 11.02 at 119 mph on the final pass, it gave us a hint on what’s going on under the bonnet. With the classic Ford styling and a potent Chevy motor delivering loads of power, the car is poised to hit 10-second passes with a little more fine tuning.

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