This Is How You Touch Up Rock Chips For Museum Quality

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So, you drive on the autobahn and hear all those ...

So, you drive on the autobahn and hear all those little rocks hitting the front end of a car. Your heart slowly dies and your mind starts to count all the dollars needed to make it all right again. As all of us have endured such a pain, you are better to watch this video and learn how to touch up rock chips on a car.

In this case, a car guru and “very close to an artist” Larry Kosilla explains to us all the subtleties about getting rock chips taken care off at the front of the car. It is not that hard after all. You only need proper paint, proper tools and a bit of patience and focus. The thing is actually simple – with a proper pen filled with paint, one can simply fill the rock chips thus absolutely improve the paint finish.

Kosilla showed us the deed on a 1965 Porsche 911. This one is headed for the New York’s Museum of Modern Art. So, you can probably figure out just how high-quality this can be.

After all, the thing will end up in a museum. That is huge. So, your car, which definitely won’t go to a museum can handle a bit of touch up as well.

Do not be scared, get the gear and start touching up your car. It will be worth it. If nothing else, you’ll easily increase its resale value.

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