That’s What Happens When A Ford Mustang Thinks It’s A Subaru! Mustang Off Road Fail!!!

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As it turns out, the certain drivers might just think that any blue vehicle that ...

As it turns out, the certain drivers might just think that any blue vehicle that sounds awesome is the Subaru. At least that is what we expect from this driver of the Ford Mustang.

Why else would you take a pony offroading? That is right, the guy jumped inside this Blue Oval machine and decided to hit the tunes.

As you can imagine, the things didn’t exactly go smoothly. To be more precise, the ‘Stang only traveled the few feet before getting stuck in the sand.

The treatment applied to the vehicle is especially strange since we are not talking about the Fox Body beater about to be taken to a junkyard. Oh no.

This animal we have here is serious road hooning material, since we are looking at the Mustang GT belonging to the S550 generation.

In fact, you can hear the growl of the five-oh animating the Ford as the vehicle buries itself into the sand. Once this driver notices the belly of this beast is resting on a ground, he welds the throttle to the floor.

When the trick fails to deliver the expected magic, this guy does the same, but using reverse. And as if such the ridiculous maneuvers wouldn’t have been enough, this driver kept both windows down all the way through this stunt.

Now, before the world wide web runs out of the digital rotten tomatoes to throw at the guy for the pointless abuse he threw at the Mustang, and we need to mention that the guy’s fantasy could be satisfied without making use of the Subaru badge or an SUV for that matter.

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