Tesla Model X Automatic Door Ripped Off By Passing Truck, Sparks Fight

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Chivalry hasn’t been lost to a Tesla Model X. In fact, it is one of the only ...

Chivalry hasn’t been lost to a Tesla Model X. In fact, it is one of the only vehicles on the road that will actually open its doors without a driver needing to reach out and touch the handle.

One owner in Australia, however, seems to have learned the expensive lesson about just how Tesla’s Automatic Doors function works.

Sam Kovac became a proud new owner of his Model X 90D in May, only to have tragedy strike not long afterward, when the truck slammed into the open passenger door.

I walked out to a Princes Hwy to find my front door completely torn off the driver’s side, with leather and the plastic strewn over the bitumen for the next 50 metres past my vehicle, Kovac said to Australian publication Car Advice, I met with the shaky truck driver who said that he was petrified as a Model X door opened into his truck and he thought he had killed the driver.

The Model X comes with the ability to open its doors using its key fob, and making it easy to allow passengers to access the vehicle with only the few key presses.

However, since the feature isn’t enabled from a factory, drivers have to actively enable it. Kovak initially claimed that he didn’t open a door himself, according to early reports.

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