Tesla Model S Vs 1,000 HP Supra: A Tale Of Two Kinds Of Races

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

If you are going to seriously contend with a Model S P100D, well, you need to be ...

If you are going to seriously contend with a Model S P100D, well, you need to be lightning quick from the roll, but most importantly, off the line.

We have seen what happens when vehicles can’t jump out at the same time as the Model S during the drag race. They almost always get obliterated, since Tesla will put all of its power down instantly, and while its opponent struggles with footing.

It is more of the same here, as this rear-wheel drive Toyota Supra isn’t exactly ideal choice when it comes to getting otherworldly traction off a line.

Rest assured though, as lopsided as a standing start races might have been, and the rolling starts were extremely competitive, as both vehicles got to do what they do best.

The Turbocharged Supra is said to make about 850 WHP, and while also sending 740 lb-ft (1,003 Nm) of torque to the wheels. And those are some pretty staggering numbers, especially in the car that weighs a heck of the lot less than the Model S.

Anyway, check what happens during both sets of starts, and especially towards the end once the Toyota Supra starts shifting through gears after taking off from a roll.



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