Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous Vs McLaren 720S Drag Racing And Roll Racing

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After having its way with the pair of Lamborghinis last month, this new McLaren ...

After having its way with the pair of Lamborghinis last month, this new McLaren 720S has finally stepped up to the challenge of taking on a formidable Tesla Model S P100D.

We have known from countless previous attempts that beating the P100D in the 1/4 mile sprint is extremely difficult. Extend the distance and results may vary, but over the short enough race, the Tesla was king.

Well, not anymore it seems. This McLaren 720S is here to break the internet and let people know that in order to outrun it, you would probably need something crazy like the Koenigsegg – and we would definitely love to see something like that!

To tell you the truth, well, we sort of expected the 720S to win against a Tesla, although not in the manner in which it did. Well, we thought it was going to catch up towards the end and that the P100D’s fast start was going to be enough so as to maintain the early lead.

As it so happens, that was not the case and this McLaren caught up almost instantly, blowing past the Tesla as if it was the Camry. In other words, the gauntlet has been thrown down and somebody needs to throw the 918 Spyder at the 720S, or perhaps something even quicker.

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