Terrifying Moment A Bus In Brazil Splits In HALF On A Journey Leaving Screaming Passengers Clinging On For Dear Life

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A freak incident occurred last week in Palhoca, Brazil, as a front end of the ...

A freak incident occurred last week in Palhoca, Brazil, as a front end of the extended bus detached from the rear, and leaving passengers scrambling for the exits.

The person who filmed the entire scene on his mobile device said: I realized that this bus had the problem and may be about to deteriorate, and I filmed the journey until a moment that this bus separated.

It is a good thing nobody was standing in a middle section, because they might have gotten thrown out on the asphalt, and unless they were hanging on to the handlebars really tight.

Normally, the pivoting joint with its protective folding shouldn’t allow for such the separation to occur, and, for some reason, in this case it did.

Otherwise, using the articulated bus (or the trolleybus) can be quite practical and since they allow for faster boarding and disembarkation than, say, the double-decker bus.

They noticed that there was the problem !!! Go and talk about it with the driver and don’t freakin’ stay on the part that will break !


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