The TC-X From True Cousins Sets A New WR For Electric Cars 1/8-mile With 4.89 Sec And 233 Km/h

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It is no secret anymore that the electric cars can make very powerful drag racing ...

It is no secret anymore that the electric cars can make very powerful drag racing machines, and we have the certain Tesla Motors to thank for that.

The Model S has quickly made the name for itself in the 1/4-mile races where it can easily beat ICE vehicles with fewer doors and the lot more racing credentials.

However, watch any race featuring the Tesla and you will see that the EV gets well ahead off the line, and as the end of the track draws closer, the competitor usually starts to do a same.

That is because the real secret of battery-powered cars is the mixture of delivering the torque from 0 rpm, making sure it reaches the wheels in a most efficient way possible, eliminating tire spin.

That means the shorter a race, the higher the chances for the EV to win, and which makes it somewhat surprising that we don’t see more Teslas dueling Hellcats, whatnot in 1/8-mile races.

When we do see them, though, a most potent version – the Model S P100D – and usually posts times in a mid-seven seconds region, which is more than decent.

This electric car, however, is the purpose-built monster of the dragster that just happens to be completely silent as well. It is made by two Danish cousins, hence a name of their enterprise: True Cousins.

The vehicle was called TC-X, it actually became the quickest electric car (it has the full body and doors that open, making it fall in a door-slammer category rather than the Funny Car back in 2015.

That run saw this TC-X complete the 1/8-mile race in 5.74 seconds, and which was impressive even before hearing what lies underneath that streamlined body.

This record-holding vehicle is powered by two (modified) forklift motors and has the 960-cell Lithium-Ion battery.

Now, the two cousins are back at it, after continuously improving the car, they managed to break the record once more. The TC-X flew over the 1/8-mile distance in just 4.89 seconds with the trap speed of 144.83 mph.

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