Subaru Towing A Semi Will Make You Realize Why It’s Legendary In Snow!

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Wanna know why Subies are probably the real legends in snow? Check this awesome ...

Wanna know why Subies are probably the real legends in snow? Check this awesome Subaru WRX towing a semi in the snow that’ll sure help convince gear heads why an accompanying Subie in your winter trips is becoming a necessity.

This group suddenly had one of their semis dying and was left with no option to bring it back to their shop except for one. And what is that? Well, it’s by simply towing it, and nothing does it better in snow than a Subaru WRX.

Using the Subie’s raw pulling power, it was able to tow the semi as easy as like watching a semi towing a trailer. Seems like a owning a Subaru makes up for some good “For Hire” business during the winter. Well, it’s definitely the torque that makes the Subaru a Subaru!

So if a Subie can tow a semi, there’s probably no reason it can’t pull any of your rides. So the next time you fetch your groceries during heavy snow, better drive a Subaru or at least allow someone with a Subaru to accompany you.

Check the video too through the one shared below.

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