Street Racing @ Night In Mexico Is MUCHO AWESOME

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

The Boosted Monstir is the real deal when it comes ...

The Boosted Monstir is the real deal when it comes to illegal street racing bro. And, no, it does not matter none that its builder, owner and operator does not know how to spell monster because this street racing dude knows how to build an insane street racing beast. The turbo on the Boosted Monstir is totally legit, I mean you just have to listen to its turbo running one time to know that it is working as it should! Word on the street from this illegal street racing in the dead of the night in Mexico is that the Boosted Monstir peaks and holds at 45 psi in fourth, fifth, and sixth gears and then a tad less in third. By the way, have you notice that some of the so-called Mexico street racing videos look as if they have been shot north of the border? Perhaps, that is just me….    

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