Stirling Engine Powered Canoe Offers A Twist To This Water Sport!

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When it comes to gearheads they are interested in adding an engine to anything and ...

When it comes to gearheads they are interested in adding an engine to anything and everything they can possibly think of. We have witnessed everything from engine powered toilets to engine powered strollers and it never fails to offer a whole lot of entertainment. In this video we check out something that is not as outlandish as an engine powered toilet or stroller, but still a head turner! We join the open waters as one old man starts up his Stirling engine powered canoe that he customized all by himself!

This is certainly not your typical loud powerplant. The Stirling engine was developed by Robert Stirling back in the early 1800s and offers a quieter and efficient way to get around. Instead of pulling air in and combusting an air/fuel mixture to create a controlled explosion in the engine, the Stirling instead relies on an external source of heat that can come from a variety of sources, including solar power or in the case of the one powering this small canoe in the video below, a small propane burner below the engine itself!

It is an awesome build that offers old time engine power into many peoples favorite water sport! Who needs a paddle when you have a Stirlign Engine? Click below to check it out!


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