Would You Spend $18,000 On Carbon Wheels For A Porsche 911?

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Carbon fiber wheels are now the production trend, with the latest automaker to ...

Carbon fiber wheels are now the production trend, with the latest automaker to offer such goodies being Porsche. Currently, Zuffenhausen only offers a new CF rims as an option for the 911 Turbo S Exclusive series, and, given the extreme lengths the company went to for producing the wheels, we are expecting there to trickle their way onto other models in the future.

Given the German automaker’s engineering fetish, this company built the world’s largest braiding machine, with the aim of producing the base of a new CF wheels.

By the way, we are talking about 20×9-inch wheels for the front axle and 20×11.5-inch units for a rear axle. 11 miles of fibers and 86 square feet of the material cut into 200 pieces – this is what is required to build such the wheel.

Nevertheless, the resulting rim is 20 percent lighter, 20 percent stronger than the forged allow wheel, such as a new-age cookie cutter goodies standard rims of the Turbo S Exclusive.

Porsche explains that its new manufacturing process, and which reminds us of how Lexus built the LFA, is superior to other CF production techniques.

The braiding technology offers key advantages over a more conventional method of manufacturing pre-impregnated carbon-fiber fabric: And this production technique makes the material structure of a carbon considerably denser and more compact. This increases rigidity. Using a material more efficiently also produces less waste.

Over in Germany, a carbon rolling goodies you are looking at come with a price of €15,232 (VAT include), which, at a current exchange rates makes for $17,896.




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