This Is How Sick Hydroplaning An Offroad Car Across 300-Meter Water Is!

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Can you drive across the water and actually pull it off like a real badass? If ...

Can you drive across the water and actually pull it off like a real badass? If that sounds effin’ insane and terrifying to even try, then you need to check this one for some wicked inspiration. It’s an 850 HP LQ-turbocharged Formula Offroad car driving for 1001 feet/300 meters on water down a river.

If you think this is just some shallow river that doesn’t even reach half of the tire level, then you got it all wrong. The water level in the water is deep enough to submerge probably the entire offroad car the moment hydroplaning takes a wrong turn.

So are you about to see a ride “walking” in the water like the illusion of magician Criss Angel? I bet you will, except for the fact that this is no illusion.

The video below will show you, in two perspectives, how sick and wicked it is witnessing an 850 HP custom built car hydroplaning across a river. The first one in driver’s perspective looks really crazy, and the Go Pro-like camera used made everything seemingly 3x faster. The second perspective is for you to enjoy it as a fan and spectator i.e. by seeing the car, the water, and the movement.

Can’t wait to take a peek? Check it out below!

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