This RV And Boat Combo Is The Coolest Thing You’ll See Today!

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Here’s an RV and boat combo that’s simply not a typical combo ...

Here’s an RV and boat combo that’s simply not a typical combo you’d expect it to be. It’s a cool build showing off some awesome stuff that’s probably the coolest thing you’ll see at a boat ramp.

You’d likely expect this ride to be amphibious with its unusually long body with a front end resembling an RV and a rear end resembling a boat. That would naturally be anyone’s thinking especially after it backs into the water. Well, it’s never like that though, and it even has something cooler than what you’re probably expecting.

With the front wheels halfway down the lake, the vehicle suddenly stopped and stayed at such position as if preparing for something. In fact, it was really up for something, and the surprise came moments after.

The vehicle suddenly charged into the water by backing a bit and showing off the surprise. Around two-thirds of the vehicle dislodged and launched into the lake. Totally cool mechanism!

The build was after all a boat towed by an RV which looked like converted into a trailer. The boat fitted like a glove into the RV which made it appear as if we’re seeing a single amphibious ride.

Interested how cool the boat and RV combo is? Check everything out for yourself through the video below.

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