This Is Why This Raw Hill Climb Video Is So Addicting To The Eyes And Ears!

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Ever witness a hill climb and drifting so amazing it unconsciously put a big smile ...

Ever witness a hill climb and drifting so amazing it unconsciously put a big smile on your face? If not, then today’s your lucky day as you’ll witness something both eyegasmic and eargasmic. It’s a sick driving by a sick driver in a sick track in a footage all in driver’s perspective.

This one is so raw yet phenomenal you’ll probably end up visiting it back and back again especially during the dull moments. Watch it in full 3D, and you’d even likely end up flinching with how gnarly everything is. Well, a flinch may be okay, but a scream is probably the last thing you’ll do. Why? Watch who’s so chill and silent on the driver’s side, and you’ll know. What a real keeper that passenger is!

The video tours you at the Tros Marets in a fast and furious way. The driver sets up the camera inside the Nissan Silvia as he drifts his way in curves and speeds up in an awesome track lined with trees and steel rails.

Complementing the amazing scenery are badass sounds of engine revving and rubber squealing. Engine sounds firing for every acceleration, and both brakes and tires screeching in every turn – what a way to turn on a gear head, right?

Have a taste of it and check it for yourself through the video below.

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That is sooo crazy. More crazyness in the next video below!