Very RARE Stainless Steel Ford Tudor Sedan SPOTTED! They Only Made 6 Of Them!

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Have you ever seen a classic Ford Tudor Sedan sporting a shiny stainless steel ...

Have you ever seen a classic Ford Tudor Sedan sporting a shiny stainless steel body? Nope this is not Silver Surfer’s mobile, this car truly exist and its bizarre and fascinating at the same time! The video below will take us to Early Ford V-8 Foundation & Museum where a very rare Ford is being displayed. It’s a stunning 1936 Ford Stainless Steel Tudor Deluxe Touring Sedan Model 68-700.

It’s a very rare stainless steel Ford dating to the 1930s which remains to be raw and unpolished which makes this car even more eye catching above the rest! Yes that’s right, this car has no paint because it is 1 of 6 original Stainless Steel Cars built by Ford! There are only 4 left that are known to exist. Unfortunately, it seems like the car is no longer running but the parts were still intact and the car in general is well preserved!

Feel free to watch the video below and let us know what you think about this rare car?

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