The Most Powerful Volkswagen Golf In The World! – 1300+BHP

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For most racers, running an 8-second quarter mile is a feat that they can only ...

For most racers, running an 8-second quarter mile is a feat that they can only dream of. In this video, you’ll see Michael Jensen try to achieve just that behind the wheels of an unlikely car to run 8’s. If you look at his Volkswagen Golf, you’d think it’s mostly stock…until you walk behind it and see the parachute that would make you realize the capabilities of this vicious sounding VW. It is actually the most powerful Volkswagen Golf in the world!

The moment Michael stepped on the gas to lay down his burnout at the Santa Pod Raceway, he made it clear that his ride means business. He rolled up to the starting line alongside a badass looking Beetle and goes into beast mode. The race was on and the 1,300 hp turbocharged engine of the Mtech Motorsport Mk2 R36 Golf roared to life as the car launched off the line. On its first run, the car slid around mid-track, but still managed a 9.13 elapsed time at 167 mph.

Michael then brings the stick-shift, 4WD Golf around for another run and this time it managed to stay planted on the pavement and lit up the boards with a whopping 8.89 ET at 169 mph! The Vee-Dub still struggled with some traction issues, so it means there’s more potential left in it. It’s likely that we will see this awesome ride even deeper into the 8’s if it can muster enough traction for the whole quarter mile.

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