This Porsche Can Support 30 Beer Bottles At The Rear Spoiler

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Porsche popular YouTube series called the Porsche ...

Porsche popular YouTube series called the Porsche Top5 gives us an awesome insight into the Porsche world of sports cars. However, Porsche ended the series a while ago with their latest video, but the feedback was so overwhelming that they had to make a new one – and this is the video dubbed the Bonus Episode: Your most wanted models.

Here, we are greeted with a story about the first 1967 911R, about the astonishing racing machine that is the 970/30 and about the first gen Porsche 930. These cars represent the essence of the Porsche and they helped out the Germans to build such a powerful brand. Always pushing harder and further in order to be the best ever.

Interestingly enough, Porsche actually does not have any of the originally built 911R models. Only 19 of them exist, so in order to make this video they had to head to Belgium and visit the JFD Collection. There, they found a pristine model with ultra thin aluminum doors, an awesome twin spark engine with 210 hp in a car weighing just 1660 lbs.

Then, enjoy the 917/30 from 1973. This is the most powerful Porsche ever made for the Can-Am racing series. Its engine develops astounding 1,100hp. After all, it is a turbocharged model with a three-liter V12 engine. Rather amazing. And then, there is the Porsche 930 Turbo with a Whale Tail. An amazingly complex machine gifted with a massive rear tail for added downforce and the best possible air cooling one may imagine in the Seventies.

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