This Is Why Porsche 911 GT2 RS Was Able To Demolish Nurburgring Record By 5 Seconds

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So, how on Earth did Porsche make a car capable of ...

So, how on Earth did Porsche make a car capable of lapping the Nurburgring in freaking 6 minutes and 47.25 seconds!? That is race car territory and that is, ladies and gentlemen, 5 seconds faster than the previously set record by the Lamborghini Huracan Performante.

Our guy from Vehicle Virgins did explain this, telling us some of the tidbits that made the 911 GT2 RS lap the Nurburgring that fast and make it the fastest car in the world (around the Nurburgring of course). The lightweight design is only one part of the story. The car curb weight of only 3,085 pounds certainly does a lot for the car, but the 700hp engine is another important factor in this fight.

Now, the aerodynamic efficiency seems to be the most important factor in making such an incredible time on the track. Yet, the sheer speed is nothing without proper brakes and wheels. In that regard, magnesium wheels are lighter, and the brakes get far more cooling thanks to massive front openings.

The car feels much better suited for a fast drive than any other out there.

As expected, all are spoken for already despite the initial entry price of $293,200. And to buy or own one, you have to be really, really important. Like 918 Spyder-owner important.

Considering how crazy expensive the 911R turned out to be, we can only imagine that the same will happen with the 911 GT2 RS as well.

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