Oops! This Is Why Rednecks Shouldn’t Buy A Ford Ever Again!

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Pleasing everyone is simply an impossibility because that’s just how this ...

Pleasing everyone is simply an impossibility because that’s just how this world works. So while Ford may be something viewed by some as “For Off Road Driving”, there’s that significant fraction of the population that view it as a “Fix Or Repair Daily”. And this time, it’s simply about the latter so if you’re anyone but a Ford fan, then it’s time to witness some Ford fail that’ll probably justify why you’re still not a fan.

The good news for die-hard Ford lovers though is that if you drive your ride with total care, then you’re all good. But if you’re a redneck of some degree, then it’s probably better to find something that can keep up with your insanity.

Why? This tug of war between two Ford trucks turned out completely comedic after things went pretty badly for the other. Well, it didn’t even last enough to spark some fun feeling and induce some loud cheers from the audience. Just around 5 seconds from the start of the pull and a click was heard signifying that something broke from underneath the other Ford. Ain’t that too weak for redneck’s use?

To buy or not to buy? This video might be of help so check it out and give yourself a giggling treat too!

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