Ohio Man Reunites With Stolen 1968 Chevy Camaro After Over 30 Years!!!

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After all the stolen Chevrolet Camaro stories, we thought we’ve heard the last ...

After all the stolen Chevrolet Camaro stories, we thought we’ve heard the last one. But now here’s a tale of another owner who reunited with his stolen 1968 Chevy Camaro after 33 years of grief. What in the world is wrong with early Camaros? Every jackass is stealing them!

The last time Ron Reolfi sat in his car was when he was a 19-year-old student at the University of Akron. Ron was doing some homework and he just went in the grocery store where he worked and 20 minutes later he came out and his Camaro was nowhere to be found.

Assuming that his 327 V8-powered muscle car is gone forever, Ron decided to move on, but after more than 30 years he got the shock of his life when police called and informed him that they found his car in Delaware after a buyer tried to register it.

After a year of working to prove that he is the rightful owner, Ron was finally able to go to Delaware to reclaim his first-gen F-Body. But there’s more to this amazing story…the car was in even better condition after all those years as someone improved everything underneath, from the brakes to the engine.

Karma certainly took her time but she still smacked Ron with some real good feel good! We just can’t help but feel happy that the guy finally got his baby back.

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