The Nurburgring Deserves Respect! Renault Megane RS R26 At The ‘Ring!

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One of the spiciest ways to take part in the Nurburgring Touriestenfahrten ...

One of the spiciest ways to take part in the Nurburgring Touriestenfahrten adventures sees drivers of underdog machines giving those behind a wheel of shiny sportscars and supercars the hard time.

We have always brought you stories of the kind, such as the one that saw this Renault Megane RS R26.R oficially outgunning the BMW 1M Coupe on a Green Hell back in 2011.

Well, the years that have passed since have seen a M2 taking on the role of the junior M vehicle, and this hasn’t stopped aficionados from trying to beat such bimmers in their Renault R26 Meganes.

The latest example of the sort, which involved the non-R model, came over the weekend, when this guy behind the wheel of such the Renault decided to chase an M2.

Alas, the Nordschleife sprint led to the brutal crash that might have totaled the hot hatch.

This accident took place in Brunnchen, one of the most dangerous sections of this track, with the Megane RS R26 driver getting it wrong from the very beginning.

To be more precise, we can see the outer rear wheel of a front-wheel-drive animal stepping onto a grass as it enters the first bend of the section.

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