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Long ago in the distant land, the masters at Nissan unleashed the terrible evil ...

Long ago in the distant land, the masters at Nissan unleashed the terrible evil upon a land. It was called Godzilla, but we know it as a GT-R.

For years, it foiled every contender foolish enough to challenge it to the drag race. But after countless battles among themselves, this German super-sedans are now able to fight back.

With deliveries of the all-new BMW M5 still not happening, and Top Gear had no choice but to pit the old Audi RS7 and a new Mercedes-AMG E63 S against the 2017 edition of the GT-R, which is a fastest one yet.

Looking at the specs, you would think that the RS7 doesn’t stand the chance. Even with a performance pack, this 605 HP sports vehicle can only reach 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds, compared to a Mercedes-AMG’s 3.4 seconds.

Both vehicles have AWD and automatic gearboxes, and the AMG does better launches and packs about 15% more torque. However, and all bets are off once the race starts as it is the RS7 that digs itself out of a hole faster.

It is neck-and-neck down the runway, but by a time they reach the quarter-mile market, this GT-R is ahead, followed by the E63 and the Audi RS7 just behind it.

This is one of those rare drag races where outcome is slightly irrelevant. You see, the GT-R is only about the Dacia Sandero’s worth cheaper than the E63 S. And let is be serious here, which would you rather have?

The Audi RS7 has never been all that popular, but it is now reaching the end of its life so there is little point to getting one… unless you love that machine gun exhaust sound, and which we can totally understand.

With the tune, any one of these vehicles could become faster in the quarter-mile race, but only the AMG has the rear-wheel drive mode that lets you drift. Also, it is got by far the best badge too.

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