Nicely Saved! How To Get Your 14 Ton Digger Off The Silage Pit

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

When you are on top of the silage pit with your huge digger and you want to go ...

When you are on top of the silage pit with your huge digger and you want to go down, so, what would you do? I doubt you would do what this man did when he stacked up the bunch of old tires and literally jumped on them with the 14-ton digger.

He starts off slowly and tries to get the arm to touch a ground so he could have some leverage, he succeeds. Then he slowly pushes forward until his super heavy machine drops on two stacks of huge, probably tractor tires and rumbles away without the single scratch on it!

It takes real courage to do this and the lot of professionalism too! I would trust this man to take his huge digger and do as much construction work as he would like.

I sure hope he is getting paid extra for taking this unbelievable risk – and think what could have been if he was less experienced and he flipped this machine or even worse, flipped it on himself.

This is where the real professionalism comes into play and what separates the boys from the men. And tn the end, he even twists his turret around and gives the cameraman the little greeting!

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