We Have A New Nissan GT-R Drag Record And It Is Into Sixes Now

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You have probably heard about the Extreme Turbo ...

You have probably heard about the Extreme Turbo Systems Nissan who manages to make some incredible drag race passes. In that regard, the car makes some incredible passes into 6s. And it does it well.

Now, at this point, ETS driver did not hold back at all and he set a record, but instead of waiting again for someone else to beat it to try it again, he went madly on the time attack again. And he broke it again. Getting deeper into 6s, this guy proved he is a true racer.

1320Video commented:
“The Battle for the Quickest R35 Nissan GTR continues as companies push limits further with every pass.  Reclaiming the Title of QUICKEST R35 GTR, the Extreme Turbo Systems Nissan was pushed to uncharted heights which gave driver Lucas English the ride of his life!  Taking boost levels higher than they’ve ever ran before which overpowered the tires in 4TH Gear!  Our friends over at ETS and English Racing weren’t satisfied, they wanted a cleaner pass and after pulling some power out they achieved not only that but ANOTHER Record Pass!”

Now, the car went twice for a pass. The first time, with the full boost setting, it managed to cover a quarter of a mile in 6.91 seconds. With the second, the boost has been slightly lowered, but the car handling seemed more refined. You should watch it learn what happened. We will only say that the closing speed was at 222.93 mph. Insane.

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