The New Evo World Record! 7.9 At 185MPH!

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The Mitsubishi Evo is the pretty wild machine. It is basically the excellent ...

The Mitsubishi Evo is the pretty wild machine. It is basically the excellent powertrain wrapped around the mediocre interior. You buy it because you want to go fast, and that is why we love it.

Tuners love it too because they can rework the 4G63 engine to make a tremendous power. Extreme Tuners knows this, and which is why the Greek tuning parts manufacturer used the Evo IX to go faster than any Evo before.

This is a fastest Mitsubishi Evo of the VII, VIII, or IX generations ever after it blasted down he quarter mile in just 7.902 seconds. The trap speed? Just over 185 mph.

If you are curious how the Evo can generate that insane time and speed, we are here to tell you its through one massive turbocharger to create a prodigious power.

The engine has been destroked to 1.8-liters but the turbo fitted to said engine is the gigantic 91-millimeter unit with the carbon-fiber impeller.

The compression ratio is turned up to 15.8:1, and the high-strength rods have been swapped in, along with with the tungsten crankshaft and titanium valves.

Now you have the Evo capable of making more than 2,000 hp. It also revs to over 13,000 rpm, which makes for the hilarious view during part of this video.

What isn’t as hilarious is watching the vehicle try to maintain the straight line down the track. It is crazy that the driver can keep the Evo moving where he wants it to go, and he does…and he sets the new record in the process.

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