Modded Turbo Porsche Showdown: PDK Vs. 6spd DIG RACE

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The drag racing realm offers splendid opportunities and to check out how the ...

The drag racing realm offers splendid opportunities and to check out how the aftermarket side of the industry makes efforts to offset a tech advances delivered by generation changes.

The sprinting brawl we are here to show you, which stands for the Porsche 911 Turbo S showdown, offers the clear example of this.

We are talking about the 991.1 incarnation of the Turbo S, which dukes it out with the 997.1 model. Nevertheless, there is no point in talking about the standard output of the supercars, and since both have been taken far from a factory setup.

When it comes to the competition of the most modded vehicle, the 997 Neunelfer takes the win, since a flat-six motor of the thing now packs the twin GT30R turbos, while running on the pump gas.

As for the newer Zuffenhausen animal, this packs the respectable amount of bolt-ons, while also running on the pump gas.

Both Porsches were cast in the role of a camera car, so you will be able to get the good taste of the sprinting action.

Nevertheless, this transmission department brings the important gap between the two all-wheel-drive beasts. To be more precise, while the 991 boasts the PDK double-clutch tranny (the model wasn’t offered with the three pedals, the 997 comes with the six-speed stick shift.

Now, given how difficult it can be to launch such the machine, you would expect the two to go for the rolling start. Nevertheless, this wasn’t the case, and with the Porscha drivers going for the standing take-off.

In fact, the two rear-engined animals used the stoplights as the way to kick off the battle.

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