Mike Maier Gives Us An Extensive Walk Around His Custom Built ’66 Mustang

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If anybody knows how to turn the classic Mustang into something completely ...

If anybody knows how to turn the classic Mustang into something completely different, it is the Hoonigan crew. Ken Block’s 1400 hp twin-turbo Hoonicorn contains about as many parts of a 1965 six-cylinder automatic it used to be as the 2018 Mustang, making this flared ’66 seem almost stock from the certain angles.

Like, from the top, maybe on the cloudy day. Or the smokey one. Mike Maier is the suspension guy who spent eight years developing his rocker arm system and with its interchangeable profile plates.

His ’66 Mustang started out as the car for his wife, gradually turning into the street racer that can give huge horsepower autocross cars the run for their money.

While the instruments and a wooden Cobra steering wheel remained period correct, and the list of upgrades include the Roush Yates NASCAR crate engine producing 750 hp and 580 pound-feet of torque, with the redline at 8700rpm.

The V8 is lubricated by the five-gallon dry sump system, while its power goes to the rear via the straight-cut dog leg gearbox.

Because of how low the vehicle sits on with its inboard springs and three-link setup at a rear, a frame rails and the transmission tunnel has been raised, with the removable aluminum floor pans and the cage welded into the body.

And although a Mustang retained its wipers, lights and other features needed for the 100 mile road trip, its fenders are made of composite, and with hand-rolled aluminum flares and the giant splitter made of Kevlar. Talk about commitment.

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